Our Story

Why We Love What We Do

Hi, I'm Mandy.

I am the founder and owner of The Focus Academy, a company dedicated to assisting students of all ages, with attention training cognitive skills development that will empower them to overcome any academic difficulties they may encounter. Difficulties associated with attention deficits such as poor time management, impulsivity, daydreaming, negligence, memory deficiencies, irresponsible behaviour, not being able to follow instructions, inability to complete tasks, poor self-image and lack of social skills, to name a few.

The company was started in the UK in June 2017, after it became obvious that my daughter, Abigail, was experiencing extreme difficulties coping with the school and curriculum transition as a result of relocating from South Africa to the UK, in April 2016. I then started researching options to assist Abigail for her school career going forward, to which there didn’t seem to be many options available locally, because we knew that she was REALLY clever but no-one could help me understand why there was a mismatch between what she was achieving, versus what she was absolutely capable of. Until we did a FOCUS assessment on her and then everything made sense, and we trained her brain and less than 6 months later the changes to her school marks were astounding. Abi completed her GCSE's in 2021 and we are very proud of her achievements being 5 x B's & 3 x A's. It confirms for us that change is indeed possible. We also went for further assessments in January 2022 and established that Abi also has been challenged with Dyslexia & Dyscalculia and still managed to achieve amazing GCSE results. #soproud.

Our vision is to provide training to students of all ages through the use of cutting edge neurocognitive technology and exercises to alleviate difficulties that individuals may be experiencing, relating to their levels of attention. We will be working hand-in-hand with all role players, employers, therapists and industry experts in order to provide a high level of professional service to each individual. Every individual is accepted unconditionally and I deem it a privilege to see the growth and improvement that we can make in each life.

We currently only have Cognitive Training facilities in Fleet, Hampshire, with an additional strategic partner based in Kent, but our work with business and corporations has no geographical limitations as all of our assessments, as well as our adult online coaching program, can be performed remotely.

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