Handy tools for teachers and parents dealing with challenges related to weaknesses in the cognitive skill set

Free Ebook for Download:
Why the Development of Cognitive Skills is so Important.

Providing some insights into what Cognitve Skills are and the reason why they are so important for academic success.

Free Ebook for Download:
The importance of working memory and its place in the classroom

Providing some insights into what Working Memory is and the reason it is so important for academic success.

Free Ebook for Download:
Whats all the fuss about video games?

Providing some insights in why we see a difference between the hyperfocus that happens when playing video games, but yet our children struggle with their schoolwork.

Free Video & Cheat Sheet Download: How to Adapt Classroom Discipline Strategies for ADHD

Create an inclusive classroom by adapting your discipline strategy to support learners with ADHD.

Grab the cheat sheet and flow chart for quick reference and watch the free video training for in-depth knowledge on how these small adaptions can change a learner's entire attitude to school.

Published Article - April 2021

Do you think spelling is important? Do spelling mistakes show a lack of education?

Online Training for Teachers

The ADHD Classroom Offensive is a comprehensive online blueprint that helps dynamic teachers create and implement inclusive classroom management strategies for learners with ADHD in two weeks.

As ADHD-children’s brains process information differently, it makes sense that they would also need to be educated slightly differently. An inclusive classroom management strategy should be well-adapted, practical and easy to maintain, especially if you have a larger class or multiple neurodiverse learners. The ADHD Classroom Offensive is a blueprint that allows you to plan, prepare and implement your customised inclusive classroom strategy by following a step-by-step plan.

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